Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blocked Paths and Missed Opportunities with God

This past Friday I was trying to get my oil changed. I went to a Walmart fairly close to our house. There were about 7 or 8 cars already in line so I decided to go to a different Walmart. I dropped my car off at the automotive center and went into Walmart. Within 5 minutes they were calling me to the automotive center. I went over there knowing there was no way they could have already finished. She told me that they don't have the oil change bays that you drive over and where they walk under the car. They have to drive your car up onto a ramp and my car sits too low to the ground to get it on the ramp. She said I could take it to another Walmart which happened to be the one I had already left!

I left and headed yet again to the other Walmart and passed a Kwiq Kar which is right by our house. I thought for a moment about stopping there, but they had a ton of cars in their parking lot so I drove on passed and went to the Walmart. When I got there, there were only 2 cars in line so I thought "this is great, in and out!" Wrong.......after he took all of my information, he said it will be at least an hour and a half! By this time, I was supposed to be leaving my house in an hour and a half. I told him never mind, I can't wait that long. I drove by the Kwik Kar one last time as I headed home and they had no one in line so I was able to stop and finally get my oil changed!

During this whole process, I felt kept feeling like I was continually being blocked at every path. After all, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to just stop and take care of it. That night as I sat thinking about my day, I thought of all the time I really ended up wasting driving around because I didn't want to just stop and the take the time to get it done. If I had just stayed at the first Walmart, the first time, I would have already been finished by the time I drove all over town and ended up back where I started. And I might add I was still no further along with the oil change that I was before this whole trek started.

How many times do we do that with God? We sense Him urging us to take a break, to spend a moment or two with Him, but we keep pressing on toward something else. We sense the need to pray, but we occupy our mind in some other way. We walk passed our Bible and catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of our eye and feel a soft prompting to stop and rest in God's word for a while, but in our busyness on to some where else we let that feeling pass. After all, we do have important things to do. How many times do we let other things block our path to God? Do we really think those things are more important than time spent with our Creator?

I know I am sometimes guilty of those very things. How sad must God be when he gives us every opportunity to stop and rest in Him, but we keep passing it up thinking a better time will come along. A more opportune time. How much time do we really waste while waiting on a more convenient time, a better place, etc? How much closer could I be to God if instead of waiting for or looking for the perfect place and time to spend with God, I just stopped and spent that time with Him every time He prompted me?

My guess is, (in fact I know!) my relationship with God and my life in general, would be dramatically changed for the better. It's always so easy to say I'll do that in just a little while, but then in a little while something else happens, or you become exhausted, or fill in the blank.....

For me, I think it's time I realize that the time is now. When God speaks I need to listen. When He gives me that gentle nudge, I need to be aware and act upon it. No more letting things block my path to God. When you stop and obey at the moment you sense God's presence and calling, you are extremely blessed. It's time to rest in God and be blessed.