Friday, May 08, 2009

You Might Be Someone's Miracle

This past Monday Chris and I were meeting for lunch, as we do pretty much every day. Monday was a little different though because I had driven a different car to work. Since I didn't drive my car I had forgotten my regular keys at home which also had the keys to my desk on them. At any rate, I needed to go home at lunch so I could get my keys so I decided to just pick Chris up at work rather than meet him. We went to a Barbeque place which is right by the High School.

I know all of that sounds rather pointless, but it's because of all of those things that something happened at lunch that day. You see, if I had not forgotten my keys at home, we would not have decided to eat at this Barbeque place, we would not have lost track of time and we would not have been there at the precise moment in which we needed to be.

When we are on the way to our truck someone approached us who had already approached someone else. We of course figured they were asking for money which of course they were to some extent. A woman came up and said she and her brother had a flat and had no money to their name. We were of course skeptical but then saw her brother rolling a tire towards us from across the street. They were not from this area so had no idea where anything was. When we saw the tire, Chris told them that all he could was to take them to a place to get their tire fixed, he didn't have any cash on him. We found out then that their car was parked at the high school across the street in the parking lot and had another flat tire on it. Two tires had blown on their car on the same side. So we took them back to their car to get the other flat tire and then took her to a local tire place while he stayed with their car. Did I mention that the tire place just "happened" to be a half a block down the street from the barbeque place we had lunch at?!?!

Once we got to the tire place Chris took their tires in while I sat in the truck with the lady and visited with her. She told me about the hard times they had been having and how thankful they were for us helping them. She said that a man earlier that day had stopped to pray with her, and now we had stopped to help them. She was really touched by his prayer and he told her afterwards "Get ready, you're going to have a miracle today!" She said they got back in their car and not 5 minutes later the tires blew out! She thought, "wow, that's not the miracle I was expecting".

About that time Chris came back with the tires, put them in the back of the truck and gave her the receipt in case they had any problems with the tires. At that point she realized that he had bought her 2 used tires because the old ones were too bad to use. She looked at the receipt and said, "The man that prayed with me today told me I was going to have a miracle today. You were my miracle!" She was so gracious and felt so bad that they had know money to help pay for them. We told them we were just paying forward. Someone 2 weeks ago had stopped to help us when our truck broke down while we were pulling our trailer home from a camping trip. It was truck drive who stopped and unhooked his load so he could pull us off the road. He told us we were his blessing that day, because someone had helped him a few weeks before when his truck broke down. We told this woman, that she was our blessings today.

I say all of that not to say what we did, but to say be aware of what's happening around you. Sometimes the weirdest things will get set in motion during your day that would normally never happen. Be aware when that happens. It just might be happening for a specific reason. It might be happening so you can be someone's miracle!

Do not forget to entertain strangers,
for by so doing some people
have entertained angels without knowing it.

Hebrews 13:2