Friday, November 10, 2006

The Aroma's of Life

As I lay in bed last night praying and thinking about my day, I began to remember some conversations and things that happened while Ashley and I were out. (She is home for the weekend! :)

For some reason, one of the things I remembered was all the different things we smelled throughout the day. She was looking at new perfumes that were out, we smelled some new hand lotions, we passed a cookie place with cookies baking. You could smell the Mexican food from the restaurant in the mall. She was talking about how she was wanting me to cook fried chicken this weekend (her favorite meal) and I thought about the way homemade fried chicken smells cooking. I made a comment about how I think homemade brownies baking is one of the best smells in the world. The list goes on.

As I lay there, I began to think about how we smell to the world and the fragrance we emit. I don't mean anything gross or the smells of perfume and such. But when people are around us, do they sense and smell the aroma of Jesus. I'm afraid that too many times that may not be the case. I know that most of us for the most part do our best to emit the aroma of Christ. But what about when we are frustrated in traffic or someone in front of us in line is taking longer than we think they should because we are in a hurry. Even maybe when we are frustrated with our families. Do we emit the aroma of Christ then? Or do they smell the pungent odor of Satan.

My prayer is that I will be more aware of the aroma I emit in my life. And that more and more, people will only smell the sweet smell of our savior. The aroma of Jesus Christ.


Please be in prayer for the Memorial Drive Church of Christ in Tulsa. A tragic shooting involving one of their members happened last night. Four people died. Please pray God's peace, love and compassion on all the families involved.


Terry Rush said...

Thanks my friend for your special prayer request. We will benefit from your plea. The kingdom moves forward so well when under fire!

Love ya!

Beverly Ross said...

Liz, I hadn't heard. I will pray! I was at Highland Oaks yesterday and thought of you! Blessings!