Monday, January 01, 2007

And So It Begins...A New Year

It's time to begin another new year. I cannot believe the year is now 2007! Wow!! Where does the time go? I have no idea, I just know it goes faster and faster every year. I still remember all the fear and panic of the world at the end of 1999 and what would Y2K bring as midnight hit and the year turned into 2000. That now seems like a lifetime ago as we begin 2007.

I have been thinking about the new year for the last couple of weeks and thinking about changes in the new year, resolutions, the things we all think about this time of year. About a week ago I came to a conclusion about how I wanted my new year to be or maybe not to be. And after hearing Tim's sermon yesterday, it just confirmed in my heart it was what I needed to do.

I have been thinking about all of the typical resolution type things, I need to eat healthier, I need to exercise more, I need to manage my time somehow in a better way. Basically the same types of things I think about each year. I began to think if I'm thinking about the same types of things each year, then obviously I'm not doing much to try and change these things in my life. These are really things I think about all through the year, so why do I think that because now it's January 1st, things are suddenly going to be different.

Everything in our lives basically boils down to our relationship with God, how He is working in our lives and more importantly the control we are willing to let go of to allow Him to work in our lives. So I have decided in my life to take a different approach to the new year. I'm sure I will still continue to try and eat healthier, exercise and all those type of things. But this year, my new year's resolution is to work on giving up control in every aspect of my life. Yes, I said every aspect, and even as I type the words it scares me to death. Being in control is my specialty, it's what I do best. At least that's what I like to tell myself. If it's what I did best, there would be no need to be typing these thoughts.

So, I'm working on giving up All control. I want this year to be different in that I allow God to do whatever it takes in me, to make me into more of the person He wants me to be. To actually allow Him to be the potter and for me to remain only the clay. To allow Him to shape and mold me after His will. It scares me to death, but I know it's what must take place if this new year is really going to be any different from the others.

I know that giving up the control is going to be harder than any other resolution I could make. But I also know that if I truly rely on Him to change and mold me and allow Him the freedom to do so, it will be the beginning of the Best of the rest of my life. And all of these other things will also fall into place as well.

Tim gave an awesome word picture in his sermon yesterday. He reminded us of how when we are children, we stand on the feet of our daddy's when we want to dance. We put our feet on theirs and then let them lead us around the room. That is the way I need to give up control of my life and give it over to God. I need to dance with God. To put my feet upon His feet and let Him lead. I may not know where I'm going, but He does. And if I continue to dance with God and keep my feet firmly resting upon His, He will lead me where He wants me to go.

So, I'm ready to dance! Have a very Joyous & Blessed New Year!!!


Terry Rush said...

In my earlier life I was a control freak....always in a panic or a fluster, irritated or disjointed, spooked or stumped. Romans 9:16 set me free and preserves my sanity. I didn't become more capable nor more skilled. I became more aware of this simple truth: IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO HIM.

It's so much nicer dancing on His wings!

I love you today!

Shannon said...


I really enjoyed your thoughts today. I am like you in that I like to be in control. Every year I think of things I want to do or change in my life. Then on December 31st I look at the list and wonder where the time went to do those things. So I like your idea for the new year. Do you mind if I join you in just giving up control this year? I think it is a great idea. This will be my prayer for you and me that control will simply be turned over to God. We love and miss you guys and look forward to seeing you at Jeremy's play.

Liz Moore said...


I would love for you to join me! I will be in prayer for you as well. See you on Friday!