Friday, March 02, 2007

A Very Special 17 Year Old

Our schedule has been so crazy lately I haven't had time to read blogs or blog myself. I'm going to try and catch up today. But I couldn't let another day go by without posting this special blog. Last Saturday, February 24th, was Jeremy's 17th birthday! I cannot believe he is already 17. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with him. I still remember the sonogram I had with him (they didn't do those when I was pregnant with Ashley unless they suspected twins or a problem). He was asleep and I remember exactly what his little face looked like on that sonogram. The great thing is, when I watch him sleep now, I can still see that face in the amazing 17 year old he has become.

I learned early on from a wonderful woman and teacher what and how important it is to give the blessing to our children. We started at a very early age telling Jeremy we knew that God was going to use him for great and special things in his life. We could tell at a very early age that he had a very special heart not only for God but for others and we knew that God would use him for amazing things. I know that ever parent probably feels that, so I hope I don't just sound like I'm bragging. I really feel God has called him to something more.

He has always been a leader of his youth group no matter where he was. We have been at Highland Oaks for a little over a year now and we still meet people who will say, "Oh, your Jeremy's parents. We just love him. He is such a remarkable young man." We try and always give God the glory for everything Jeremy is. We have made and continue to make great mistakes. And God continues to cover over those mistakes and makes wonderful things happen. He is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination so please don't hear me saying that. In fact, some days I tell him he may not make it to his next birthday! But there are definitely more good days than bad.

He has always had a heart for worship and that continues to grow. Within the first few weeks of us being at Highland Oaks he was asked to give a talk at the senior high retreat and he continues to be a leader there. He was just asked by the worship minister to be an apprentice and to work with him in a type of Worship Minister internship. God continues to bless him.

I would like to leave you with some Psalms that Jeremy wrote. As I said before, he is not perfect by any stretch. And some of the words below show great struggles he is or has faced, but they are amazing to me. At the time he wrote them, he was 16. At 16 & 17 he has more of a heart for God than I had when I was 30. Here they are...


Hear my cry, oh Lord. I cry out to the heavens when I feel the war inside of me. Your consuming fire takes hold of my body and burns away all my impurities, it cleanses me fully. I thank you, my god, for cleansing me. Showing me my wrongs and allowing me to bring them to you, for you to take them. My heart cries out for the ones who are suffering. It pains me like a needle to my nail. Lord take us now! So the newborn ones won't have time to fall and we won't disappoint you anymore. Hear my cry, oh Lord. Hear my cry...

"by the power of Christ in me..."


I praise you with all of my being, you have taken me out of the pit that I dug for myself and filled it with your forgiving spirit and grace. All I have is yours and all I need is you. You are life, you are joy, you are everything. You have filled me with your spirit and I am an overflowing cup, pouring out myself for you. Thank you Jesus.



Yahweh, Lord Jehovah, You are the only God and none other will come before you. The demons shriek when they hear your name. In a world of change, you are the one constant. I praise you, oh Lord, for being the Father, Spirit and Jesus. You, are inexhaustible and amazing!!


How many times will you forgive me, Oh Lord? How long until I am healed? You come into my heart like rushing waters. Flowing and filling every crack, every crevice. Covering every impurity with your healing rain. You are inexhaustible and my heart longs for more. I need your living water, your grace, your mercy. You paid such a high price Lord, for such a lowly sinner. Thank you, my God, my Lord, my Savior, my JESUS!


My prayer for you Jeremy as you continue to grow spiritually and in physical age, is that you will always allow God to continue to fill your spirit with such wonderful Psalms. God is not finished with you yet! He still has more amazing things to do through you as you continue to let Him flow through every crack and crevice. Always let Him guide your every path, your every step, your every word and action. You are an amazing son! I love you with all my heart. Happy 17th Birthday!!


jenny biz said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy!! I have loved watching you grow into an amazing man! I love your psalms! I know they are beautiful gifts to God. God is doing amazing work in you!!

Beverly Ross said...

Happy Birthday, Jeremy! I am so proud of you! I LOVE your writing - what a gift to the Lord! He has amazing plans to use you in powerful ways to bring glory to Himself. Don't you just love that about Him! Keep in touch so I can brag that I knew you when you were little - ha!
Liz, great job, girlfriend! I love you and miss you like crazy!

Trey Morgan said...

Happy late birthday to Jeremy. I've got a 17 year old too. I hear horror stories about 17 year olds ... but I'm really like mine right now. He's a good kid.

Blessings.... Trey