Friday, April 13, 2007

Commercials Catching My Attention...

There are two Dr. Pepper commercials that have caught my attention lately. One of them is the 23 flavor commercial of regular Dr. Pepper. The "I want it all and I want it now" slogan. I have seen that one a million times. But the other day I started thinking, what if we "wanted it all and wanted it now" when it came to Jesus?

I was watching that commercial thinking there is so much more to life than Dr. Pepper. But do I have that passion about the things that are important in my life, especially my spiritual life. While I do have that passion for my family and God, it really made me think. Does my walk with God really reflect that "I want it all and I want it now" mentality? Because in God I do have it all, and I have it now!

We have been talking in class on Wednesday nights about the spiritual wheel in our lives and the things that we need to work on. For a lot of us we are good with the prayer, bible time, compassion for others, etc. But we are lacking in the "telling the world" part of our wheel. If we were living the "I have it all and I have it now" slogan, maybe that part of our wheel wouldn't be so lopsided.

The other night I noticed the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial. I have just recently started seeing it more and though I have seen it several times, I noticed something for the first time... the reflection of the can in different scenes. They are shown enjoying a "diet" drink, but in the reflection it shows an ice cream cone, or a sundae, or something else yummy! I had never noticed that part before.

It made me wonder, what is our reflection as Christians like? I know a lot of people have only had minimal experience with church and Christians. And for some, minimal is all they want because of the rigidity, the lack of compassion and sometimes downright meanness they have experienced. The reflection they've seen coming from church and Christians is more of a dragon or something with horns. What if the reflection they always saw from us was one that made them feel like they were having that ice cream cone or that sundae? One that made them feel loved and accepted, like they were always getting the dessert in life rather than the brussel sprouts. What if the reflection they always saw in us was the reflection of Christ, full of mercy and compassion and never ending love?

Satan doesn't want that reflection showing and if we aren't careful he will turn our reflection into something we don't even recognize. I pray that in my life I will always show the reflection of Christ.

Blessings! Have a great weekend!


Melanie said...

Great thoughts Liz! Especially with the Diet DP and our reflections! On a side note: our fave commercial is the DQ flamethrower sandwich! It always makes the kids and R and I laugh out loud!

Lynn said...

Last weekend at LTC at the Anatole I was told that registration for rooms was a mess, they didn't have rooms ready and people were getting very aggravated. The perception of one of my members was that all these C of C people were not behaving very Christlike. You are so right about Satan not wanting us to represent Jesus in this world. Like you I don't know how much telling we would have to do, if we were just actually living out His call on our life.

Shannon said...


Thank you for your thoughts. You know if we cared more about our reflection then our wheel would not be so lopsided. Our reflection would serve as a natural light which points to the SON! I wish we cared more about who we reflect and how people see Jesus in us than being comfortable. I pray Jesus will only and always be seen in us! Say Hi to Chris. I love you guys!

FYI: My favorite commercial his the Doritos commercial where the man's friends show up at his apartment and he is duct taping his Doritos to keep his roommate off them. When they leave the roommate is hanging by duct

Because Jesus is LORD!


Love the thoughts. This can preach!


Neva said...

If they can't look at us and see Jesus there, something is wrong---
Good post, Liz


Terry Rush said...

You are an encouraging reflection of His attentive love.