Friday, October 19, 2007

What Path Are We Taking?

Tim’s sermon this past Sunday has really gotten me to thinking. He preached on the Good Samaritan from the book of Luke. He was talking about how we pass people by without even thinking about what their needs may be. Something we probably all do to some extent.

While I was reading that scripture, it actually brought something else to the forefront of my mind; in the scripture it was talking about basically a stranger on the road and everyone was passing by. But what about when we do that to people we already know. I think it’s something we have probably all done if we think about it. I’m not proud of it, but I know I’ve done it. You see someone coming down the aisle toward you in the store that you really don’t want to see. So rather than stop and say hello and ask them how things are going, we quickly turn and begin to take another path. Maybe they are someone who is not the greatest friend, or someone who has said something unkind to us or about us. It could be any number of reasons. But the bottom line is its just excuses. Just like its just excuses even when they are strangers and as Tim said, “We walk right past them and leave them in the ditch.”

It’s bad enough when we walk past a stranger who truly might need some help or just a smile from someone to brighten their otherwise dismal day. But when we walk passed someone we know or turn and take another direction rather than communicate the compassion of Christ to them that is just as bad.

I don’t really know if either one is any worse than the other. What I do know is that neither one are pleasing to God. Jesus showed compassion to every person he ever came in contact with. How are we going to be Jesus with skin on to the world, if we won’t even look the world in the eye? Sometimes just having eye contact with someone can change the focus of their day. Imagine what a smile could do or even a compassionate spoken word. I believe that God puts people in our paths for a reason. How many lives would be changed if we continued on the path that God is leading us down rather than taking a detour when we see something coming up ahead that might not be exactly where we thought we needed to go? My prayer is that we don’t miss those opportunities by being too focused on ourselves to notice that there are people lying in the ditch just waiting for someone to notice them. My prayer is that we will bold enough to take the paths that God is leading us on.



Lynn Leaming said...

Another great post Liz! I really appreciate the spiritual focus of your blog. I think it is great that Tim so often pricks a place in you that continues to keep you thinking throughout the week. Thanks for reminding me to stay on the path as well, for I think I am also guilty of taking that convenient detour.

Terry Rush said...


Always good stuff to be challenged by the Good Samaritan. One of the places needing immediate attention are the guests entering our buildings. They come to us...and must be seen.

Love you today!

Melanie said...

Wow. Your post really convicted me today! I am so guilty of going the other direction on what I deem "needy" people! Thanks for your thoughts Liz! Love you!

Neva said...

We "pass by" too many opportunities. We choose to not see what God puts right in front of us. Thank you for thie reminder.


edensfamily said...

Good thoughts. I hope we see people the way Jesus sees them more and more. I love it when God refines us....(puts people in those paths and we HAVE to talk to them!!) hope wedding planning is going will have to keep everyone posted on that:) and Jeremy's senior year

Melanie said...

Where Oh Where has our little Liz gone?
Oh where Oh where can she be?
With her thoughtful posts and her funny tidbits,
Oh where oh where can she be?