Monday, September 07, 2009

After the Rush

This weekend was a great weekend. Chris and I put about 550 miles on our bikes and the weather was perfect. Never a drop of rain, cool wind blowing, perfect riding weather.

I love the rides we take. While we have headsets so we can communicate with each other, there are also many times when we will ride for miles and never say a word. It's such a great time for reflection, a great time for enjoying the wonders of God and a great time for not only talking to God but for listening to God.

Today on the way home was no different. We were riding along just enjoying the quiet time with God and a thought struck me. We were riding on a 2 lane road and had several diesel trucks pass by us. That happens all the time but what struck me this time was what happened after they drove by. You would think that as they passed you would feel blown around. But today I noticed, it wasn't when they were driving by that I felt the rush of wind, it was actually after they passed by. It may always happen that way but I've never noticed it before. I asked Chris if he felt the same thing and he did.

As I thought about how weird that was, I began to think that sometimes God passes through my life in the same way. While there are times that He is obviously there, there are other times when I think he just blows right by; or at least seems too. I've learned that what I don't always realize is, it's not the moment God rushes by that he's trying to get my attention; sometimes, that initial rush is just a prelude to let me know that something else is coming. I wonder how many times I miss what God is really trying to show me. I wonder how many times God does something that seems to come out of nowhere and I'm so busy saying what was that, that I miss what comes after the initial rush.

I believe that sometimes God sends us those "what was that" type of moments to warn us that something greater is coming. We may not have any clue what it is, but God is trying to get our attention so we don't miss what comes after the rush. God is always working in our lives. And while we may not always understand what or why things happen, God is always working and I believe that sometimes what comes after the rush is the best part of what God has to offer. And I for one don't want to miss it!!

But those who hope in the LORD will renew
their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary, They will
walk on not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31



Deborah said...

I think HOCC may have hired the wrong preacher.

Powerful thoughts, Liz. I would've been too scared that the wind would blow me over to even notice the spiritul parallel.

Liz Moore said...

Ha Ha!! I doubt that! But thanks for the encouraging words!