Friday, February 17, 2006

A Small Glimpse of God's Brilliance

I was driving in my car yesterday as the sun was beginning to go down. I looked over into the horizon and the sky was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The top of sky was bright blue with clouds below it and the pinkish, purplish colors of the sun going down were underneath the clouds. What was so incredible was the way the light was shining from behind the clouds. I have seen light shining from behind clouds before, but never quite like this. It seemed to just radiate incredible, brilliant beams of light all around it and you could see the brilliance and brightest of the sun peaking through little holes in the clouds.

I felt like Moses on the mountain getting just a glimpse of God. You could tell the light was so powerful and bright you could never look directly at it, but the brilliance the light had even when it was totally covered by the clouds was the most marvelous thing I have ever seen.

How much more marvelous and beautiful is it going to be when we, like Moses, actually get to see God face to face!! You know, I think we often wonder how we could be satisfied to just gaze upon God for eternity. I can tell you after yesterday, I can’t wait!! I know what I saw was only a very tiny glimpse of God’s brilliance. I can’t wait to be completely surrounded by the complete brilliance of God!

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