Thursday, July 06, 2006

Am I Being a Blessing??

Last night at church, Christopher Green, one of our ministers, did the Wednesday night talk. His talk was on how we can bless others and he posed the question, "Am I a blessing to those I come in contact with?".

That statement has really stayed with me. Am I being a blessing to those around me? I have always thought about how we may be the only bible that other people see, but I hadn't really thought about being a blessing to others. Sure, I always try to be nice and polite to others and help them out when I can, but that question of being a blessing has somehow troubled me.

Am I being a blessing to those around me? Am I blessing those around me with a little glimpse of Jesus by something I say or do? I hope the answer is yes, but I'm afraid it is sometimes no. How many times do we go through our life not really seeing things through the eyes of Jesus? How many opportunities have I missed to bless others by being so zoned in into what I'm doing, that I don't see things right in front of me? I think we get so caught up in our day to day life (at least I sometimes do) that we miss numerous chances to be a blessing. By missing out on being a blessing, I believe that we are missing out on some of the blessings that God has waiting for us. Because only in blessing others are we truly blessed.

I pray that as I begin this day, and every day from here forward, that I will be more aware of the circumstances around me. That I will see more things through the eyes of Jesus and be aware of His work that is already going on around me. For those who may not see a bible anywhere else, that I will truly be that piece of the bible or Jesus that people see and truly be a blessing to those around me.

May God bless each of you today.

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