Friday, August 04, 2006

Back to Reality, But Hopefully Changed

We got back from our vacation last night. It was awesome! We spent 7 days on the beach of Galveston. It's beaches are not the blue and green of Destin or some of the other beaches, but it was great just the same. One of the best parts was the fact that the weather there was about 88 degrees every day with cool air blowing up off the beach. We pulled our trailer and our campsite was literally 50 feet from the beach. It was great. We are now back to 100+ hot, miserable weather here. I know I never want to be in hell. I couldn't take it!

The time away was great family time. We spent the first
night having dinner with some very dear friends in the Houston area who are like family to us. It was great being able to catch up with them and see their new little one! We spent days on the beach reading, fishing or Jeremy searching for crabs or shells, nights watching movies or playing games. Jeremy actually caught 17 crabs and cooked them! They looked wonderful, but not quite our taste. Ashley wanted nothing to do with them at all. She reminded me of Kelly Pickler with Wolfgang Puck on American Idol! She didn't like looking at something that was looking back up at her! :) The people camping right next to us were from Louisiana so Jeremy took them over to them to see if they wanted them. They chowed down on them! And showed us how you are suppose to really crack and eat a crab! They told him he did a great job of preparing them. Jeremy and Zatterain's know how to cook!

I love the family time that vacation brings. Even though we are pretty much together the rest of the year too, it's just different on vacation. Everyone gets a long better and actually enjoys each other more. That part of vacation I wish I could hold on to every day!

It was great being at the beach and just watching the wonderment of God through the ocean and sea life. It's amazing to watch the ocean and the waves crashing in day after day. "Even the wind and the waves obey His commands." And to watch the birds who sit on the shore just waiting for the waves to bring in the seaweed so they can devourer whatever is in it. It really puts into perspective how God cares and provides for us.

We are now home and back to the realities of the real world. It's good to be home and good to sleep in your own bed. But I am hoping to keep some of that vacation magic alive this year. I'm hoping we can all love each other a little more, appreciate the beauty of God a little more and just keep that relaxed vacation feeling going. To try and remember that God will handle everything and not live the year so stressed out we are just longing for that one or two weeks. I want the year to have the feeling of vacation all year with just a joyous extra bonus of that feeling during the actual vacation. Man, how much better would everyday life be if we could all live like that every day... :)


jenny biz said...

I agree!! I LOVE the feeling of vacation of just "letting go" and really we should live like that ALL the time as Christians! So glad you all had such a great time! I am impressed by Jeremy's cooking abilities!! His future wife will be so grateful:) Jon and Jen and JED had such a great time seeing you guys!!
Love YOU!

Beverly Ross said...

Galveston is one of my favorite vacation spots too! The kids loved being with you and your family!!!! We want to see you too!!!!!!

Liz Moore said...

We want to see you too!! I'm hoping maybe one Sunday in September. How far is it to Decatur from here?

Beverly Ross said...

The last time I went to Brenda's, it took me an hour and twenty minutes. I'll bet you can make it MUCH faster - hahahahahahaha!!!