Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Coolest Thing Happened Today...

Ok, something very unexpected but very cool happened today. As most of you know, Jeremy is now at ACU. He's not one to call home that often. Last week I got a call from him after only a few days. I told him how excited I was to hear his ringtone and he said "Don't get too excited, I'm just calling for money." I just laughed and said of course. But it was still good to hear from him. I did talk to him this week to see how the first couple of days of classes went but he called me this morning around 10:15 which was unexpected because he was supposed to be in his Bible class.

When he called, he said, "hey I'm in my Bible class and I need you to hang on for a second". I'm thinking great, the professor already wants to talk to me about something! ha ha! Anyway, he asked me if I could hear and then said to listen. His Bible class teacher is Mike Cope and I hear Mike in the background saying "Ok, everybody ready? Hello, my name is Mike Cope and I will be teaching your child Bible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during this semester. Some of you are probably still in mourning over your child being gone, some of are excited that they are finally gone and others are in between. I just wanted to let you know we are glad your child is here. We will be having small groups that will led by upper classmen." He went on to say a few more of the new school year type things and then said, ok, everybody ready to sing..

He had the kids sing to the parents on the phone "I love you with the love of the Lord". Of course it brought tears to my eyes! But I thought that was so cool! I know Jeremy actually sang because I could hear his voice. It just made my day! Jeremy then got on the phone and said, "Ok, we're starting class now, love you bye".

Ashley never had Mike Cope so I don't know if this is something he always does or not. But this mom thought it was pretty cool!



Lynn Leaming said...

That is really cool! I read his blog and know he wants to make use of those Iphones they gave the kids, so maybe this is a way he started :) A girl from my church has Randy Harris for her freshman Bible, I just think how blessed can these kids be??? I remember we made fun of my Bible professor by calling him Dr. Sominex. He definitley didn't leave the impression I am sure Mike Cope will leave on Jeremy and Randy on Brittany.

Melanie said...

That is so sweet! I hope it makes this time in your life just that much sweeter! Love you!

Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE that! I am delighted Jeremy has Mike Cope. One of Jenny's friends is Laura Quile, who is a freshman at ACU on a theatre scholarship. Please pass that along to Jeremy. Can't wait to see him when we are out there for Summit.