Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da...Life Goes On

Wow! It's been a long time. But so much has been going on in our lives since my last post. Ashley graduated from ACU in May, Jeremy graduated from high school in June, we took a 9 day family vacation to Disneyworld in June and 5 days later, Ashley & Warren got married! That was all in a span of about 7 weeks. The wedding was great and was like a homecoming of sorts. We got to see so many people we hadn't seen in a really long time. It was just great!! Sorry, I don't have pictures yet. I think that's the only event we actually forgot to take our own pictures! We had the camera, we were just so busy, it never crossed our minds! Once I get some back I'll try and share them.

This past weekend we took Jeremy to ACU to begin a new chapter in his life. He was so excited to be there. We moved him in on Saturday, and by noon on Sunday he was already telling us "just go to dinner on your own tonight because I've already made plans to hang out with a bunch of people on my hall." He left us in the dust quickly! But that's what you want! He was so excited to be there and it was great to see him already making friends and getting plugged in.

Now we are home in a quiet house beginning empty nest. Everyone says it's great and I know it will be. Not that it's not good now :) it's just different. It will be nice to go out riding on our motorcycles without having to get that phone call saying, "where are y'all, we are all about to be at the house to watch a movie". But at the same time, I'll also miss those times. But I know it's time to move forward and I know that God prepares us to do that. I'm actually looking forward to having some me time again. I've missed blogging and catching up since I started my new job. Not so new now, September 1st will be a year! So hard to believe! But hopefully now since there won't be all the activities to go to every week, (or sometimes every day!) I can begin to catch up on reading everyones blogs. I really miss getting to see what's going on and getting such wonderful insight from some of you. You are blessings in my life.

With all the changes going on my life, I have begun reflecting on the priorities in my life. I'm convinced that's a never ending battle. I plan to be back soon and post more on that. For now, blessings to you!


Lynn Leaming said...

Was glad to see your update on the side of my blog. The picture is just too fun!! Someday Steve and I will make it to Disneyworld. Hope Jeremy has a great year at ACU, I have been reading the blog of one of the girls from RE who is there and it sounds like they keep them going and blowing at Welcome week. Hope Ashley and Warren are adjusting to married life and doing well. Hope to be at HO i the morning, so maybe I will see you then.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad to see the updates and hear about the family! We love and miss you!

Terry Rush said...

I've been missing my friend. Welcome back!

I feel much better now!

I love you today!