Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quenching Your Thirst

I seem to be thinking about water a lot lately. Maybe it's because it's already so hot outside all you can think of when you go outside is wanting a cool drink of water. I know that my poor plants on my porch let me know today that they were in dire need of a cool drink of water. From the way they seemed to be screaming out, they probably needed a whole lake!

I hadn't realized how thirsty they were until today when I walked outside. When I first planted them a couple of months ago, I faithfully watered them every day or at least ever other day. Then it started raining a lot at night so there wasn't really a need to water every day. So I basically got out the habit of watering them daily. Today when I watered them, some of them almost instantly looked refreshed. The jury is still out on a few them! Hopefully I didn't deprive them to long.

As I watched the life almost instantly come back to some of the plants, I thought about my spiritual life and my thirst for God and His word. Several months ago I wrote about basically a severe drought in my spiritual walk. Even though we were going through some tremendous spiritual struggles, I became closer to God than I have ever been before. My study habits greatly improved and became a daily part of my life. Since that time, my walk with God is closer than ever. We have recently placed membership at Highland Oaks and have been tremendously blessed by being there. We really feel like it's where God wants us to be. And God is already using Jeremy is awesome ways there within the youth group. Almost every time we meet someone new, they have already heard about Jeremy and tell us what a blessing he is to the group. In April he did the Saturday night devotional talk at their spring retreat. I give God all the glory and pray that He will continue to use Jeremy in awesome ways for His kingdom.

But, seeing those plants withering today, got me to thinking. If I'm not careful, I'm going to begin to wither. As I said, things are amazing…right now. And isn't it when things are amazing that we sometimes forget why they are amazing and who it is that makes them amazing? When we are going through struggles, it is sometimes easier to keep your focus on God. It should be just as easy for us to stay focused on Him when things are going great too. Actually, it should be easier since we know that all good things come from God.

But the human side of us sometimes tends to put God on the back burner when things are going well. Satan wants us to forget that God is always there whether things are bad or going great. Satan wants us to forget that all good things come from God and to just think our luck is changing. If we don't drink from God's living water daily, we like those plants, will dry up and wither away. If those plants can come back to life so quickly with a small drink of water, just think of how alive in Christ we will be if we drink from His living water every day.

God made us to hunger and thirst after him. If we deprive our spiritual thirst, we will eventually wither away. No matter how good things seem to be going, that hunger and thirst is always there. God put it there. God wants us with Him no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes we don’t realize how thirsty we were until we get back into the word and can’t put it down. So as this hot summer presses in on us, I pray that we all will be quenched by God's living water and show Satan we are in full bloom!


Bruce Archer said...

Keep em coming. I need to be reminded to see that I get fed spiritual food and water. God bless. Bruce Archer

Melanie said...

Hope all is well! I check in often (even though I don't reply) and really appreciate you writing down your thoughts!

Liz Moore said...

Thanks Melanie, I appreciate that! Things are going great. Dayschool is out and summer is officially here!