Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Streams of Water

I recently began reading again in Psalms. I love the book of Psalms. No matter where you are emotionally, Psalms has something to fit your needs. Psalms also has so many mental pictures, it's easy to become lost in them. I love it.

Psalm1:3 says, "He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all he does, he prospers.” I love the imagery of a tree planted by streams of water. I can envision the tree's roots stretching out and absorbing every ounce of water it can. As it soaks in that water, becoming stronger and stronger with every drink. I think of how beautiful that tree must be, flowing with long, strong green branches, perfect leaves and the most gorgeous fruit just dripping with sweetness. The image of that tree is so much more beautiful than thinking of a tree planted out in the middle of a desert with no water in sight that would just dry up into nothing and wither away.

How much more beautiful would our own lives be if we, like that tree, planted ourselves daily in the living water that God provides for us. How much stronger, vibrant and more alive would we be if we just sit back and soak up all that God is trying to offer us. The fruit we would produce would be incredible. We can be like that tree planted by streams of water if we just allow God to fill us each day with the living water He has to offer us. Marvin Phillips has often said, "Bloom where you're planted". How beautiful would our blooms be if we fed them with the living water of Jesus.

All of this reminds me of an even great image, the image of sitting at God's feet one day and be engulfed by those living streams of water first hand. I can't wait!

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