Monday, October 16, 2006

I am.... An Idiot Driver Magnet!!

I jokingly told someone last week I might post about idiot drivers... well, the time has come and it is now. I really think I am an idiot driver magnet! I know, I know... those of you who have known me for quite a while know that I have a history of a very big lead foot! Some might even say a lead leg to go along with it! But I promise you, my driving habits have changed immensely since I started riding a motorcycle last October. Riding a motorcycle really does make you a better driver. I am more aware of everything going on around me (apparently for very good reason!) and believe it or not, I don't go over 5 miles over the speed limit anymore. (at least 98 percent of the time:)

But almost every time I am on the road someone around me is acting crazy!! It doesn't matter if I'm in our 4 door truck or on the motorcycle, it's like I'm a magnet for every idiot driver on the road. I kind of think I might have brought this on myself a few months ago after our Wednesday night class. We were talking about love, patience, compassion and the like and what we might need to work on in our own lives. I left thinking I need to be more compassionate to drivers around me and not call them names but ask God to bless them. I think that let the flood gates open.

Since then my driving life has gone wild. I have had people almost run me into the curb while on the motorcycle. Another lady watched me approaching and then pulled out right into my lane just as I got there and made me have to swerve around her. People are constantly pulling right in front of me where there is no room in the truck. The other day, someone cut across 3 lanes of traffic from the right directly in front of me to turn left. Last week I was stopped at a light on a very steep hill while on the motorcycle and watch in my mirror as the person behind me pulled up so close to me a person could barely walk through! Fortunately I can keep from rolling when starting on a hill. But the best one happened to me while I was sitting at the light last week, waiting to go into the mall parking lot. I was on the motorcycle completely stopped at the red light, waiting to cross the intersection to go into the mall. I saw a car coming up behind me in the mirror. I was reminded of the week before and the person pulling so close to me on the hill. I continued to watch as she slowed down but kept rolling. I kept thinking surely she is going to stop... I'm sitting right here. But no, she continued to roll closer and closer until she literally rolled into the back of my bike! Fortunately she was not going fast enough to do any damage and didn't knock me off the bike. But I swear, I think I must have a sign on my back that says "All Idiot Driver's Enter Here"!

I am trying very hard to show more compassion to other driver's, but Satan is making it extremely difficult! Does anyone else feel like an Idiot Driver Magnet??

Please keep me in your prayers as I venture out onto those crazy roads today :)

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Beverly Ross said...

Sounds like a few close calls, girlfriend! Be careful!