Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sweet Memories

I was looking through some old pictures this week trying to find something I wanted to use in Jeremy's musical program. As I was searching, I ran across these pictures. Wow!! What memories they bring back. It is so fun to look through pictures and remember sweet memories you hadn't thought about in a while. So I thought I would share some memories with you. We are still good friends with each of these families even though all but one of them have moved and are not so close in distance any more.

This one is Jeremy & Josh Hardcastle.
They were in the 3 year old class at the Mesquite Dayschool together.
This was right before the Hardcastle's moved Lubbock.
They are now in Abilene and Jeremy & Josh are both juniors in High School!

The next two are of Ashley & Karisa Butler.
They were 13 years old at the time.
They are both in college now! Ashley in her 3rd year at ACU
and Karisa in her 2nd year at Belmont in Tennessee.

The next one is of Ashley and Rebekah Mock at 13.
Rebekah is now in Medina, Texas working as a nail technician.

The next two are of Ashley, Jeremy and Malaya Bizillion.
This was our first year to go to Celebrate Freedom.
It rained all night the night before and all that morning.
It was muggy, humid and about 800 degrees!!
We have since decided we like indoor concerts much better.
Malaya is now in 1st grade!
The Bizillions now live in Keller.

I hope you got as big a kick out of some of these as I did! Sweet, sweet memories! I hope everyone has a great week!



Melanie said...

Poor, Poor Richard. He stayed out there in the rain for about three hours to save those muggy, mud soaked seats for us! And then it was so muggy, Ashlyn (at 3 months) wouldn't stop screaming so we left! Oh I'm with you on Indoor Concerts! I'll pay for a ticket any day! Is that showing my age?

edensfamily said...

those are the cutest pictures!! Lots of sweet people. Do you know if Michelle is in Medina as well? Good times. Have a wonderful day. Jana

Liz Moore said...

Melanie, I knew someone went early but I couldn't remember who. I remember now Richard taking all of tarps to lay out! What a mess! And I don't think it's showing your age at all... I think it just shows how smart & sensible we are :)

Jana, yes I believe Michelle is in Medina also. If I'm not mistaken, she is a hair stylist.

ash said...

Acutally, Jana (and mom) Michelle is in San Marcos. She is the manager at a Sally's Beauty Supply store. She might be moving to Austin soon (Bekah too), but for now she is in San Marcos.

And those pictures are hilarious!!! i love them - i miss seeing karisa and bekah everyday :(

love you!!!!!!!!! :)

jenny biz said...

WOW! I love the pictures!! I can't believe how fast time has gone. I remember Ashley and Jeremy when we first moved to Mesquite! Now they are young adults!! And, Malaya looks so cute!! She had such a thing for you Moore's:) Thanks for sharing the pics!

Beverly Ross said...

I do remember how much Malaya loved to be with you guys! Isn't she a doll???? I remember the day well. HOT!!!! but a total blast!
I remember Ashlyn getting way too hot! Poor Melanie! Lots of sweet memories is right. Thanks for sharing Liz!