Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Father's Love

A great friend sent me this link to an incredible video today. As you watch the story unfold, notice how the people are so oblivious to the sacrifice that has been made for them. They of course don't realize the sacrifice that was made.

Are we that oblivious to the sacrifice God made for us? Do we walk around unchanged? Or do we honor that sacrifice and make noticeable changes in our lives that honor Him. These people may not realize the gift they've received, but we know the gift that was given to us. How do we choose to honor that gift. Thoughts to ponder...

Have a blessed day!

Click here to watch the video "A Father's Love".


preacherman said...

I found this to be extremely interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us. I wonder some times if we understand, really understand the fathers love for us. I thank God everyday for the love he has shown me in my life. I think as believers we should cherish the love and grace that the father has richly lavished on us. I hope you have a great week sis.

Terry Rush said...


Such a direct hit to the heart!

I so love you today!