Friday, June 09, 2006


Way to go Mavs!! They won game 1 and if Dirk gets going, watch out. They might just win it in 4! And even Shaq almost broke a record! Actually his own... and only Shaq could have a record of 0-8 in free throw attempts with no points scored! He tied his record tonight, hopefully he'll break that record the next game. Way to go Shaq!! And only with Shaq would announcers make comments like "his free throw percentage is really down in the playoffs." His percentage in the playoffs is 40%. His percentage during the regular season was 47%!'s really dropped during the playoffs! Ha Ha!! I've seen elementary kids with better form during free throws than he has!

The Mavs are awesome!!! I predict Dirk to be the MVP of the finals! I know he'll step it up!


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Beverly Ross said...

Hey, I just tried to email you pics of Jed and it says the email address I have for you is not a good one. BooHoo! Let me know a good one and you can see how precious cute he is! Love and miss you!