Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mid Week Sustenance

I am so glad today is Wednesday!! I know, that sounds like kind of a crazy thing to say, but I need the mid week sustenance I receive from being with my Christian family.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about trying to balance life. Things are better now that school has actually started. I am back in the swing of the things so it doesn't feel like everything is hitting at once, but the balance part I'm still working on. I know, I know I'm not really going to find a perfect balance, but it is something I need to work more on. I know it's about setting priorities and I think I'm getting better at that. But old habits are hard to break... and they are so easy to fall back into if we're not careful.

But back to Wednesday...Jeremy has to be at church early tonight and Chris is working late. It would be so easy to just stay home tonight and not go to church. We are going to have to drive two cars so staying home would save gas, I could just relax and be by myself. (Something that moms don’t get to do to often :) But you know what, I am looking so forward to going tonight even though it will be an inconvenience with two cars and even though I will have to go by myself tonight. It gives me such a boost and such a spiritual high to just be around fellow believers and friends. I admit there are rare occasions when the temptation to stay home gets the best of me, but I later regret that. Because even when I am having the worst day and could easily stay home, if I just go ahead and go... wow!! The difference it makes in me physically and emotionally is incredible. There is something about being around friends and God's people that will charge up you and fill you full of energy!

So even though today will be busy, I am so already looking forward to my mid week sustenance and spending time with God's people. It's a very refreshing feeling! :)


Beverly Ross said...

Amen! I love Wednesdays nights with the community of faith!!!!

Beverly Ross said...

Hey - Rick and I just discovered the TV show '24'. It is the BEST! We are about in the middle of season 4 - renting it. I don't know how on earth you watch just one a week. We started on Saturday and are already one over half done! GREAT show!!!!!!

Liz Moore said...

24 is Awesome!! It's the best show on! It IS hard to wait each week, but the great thing about it is, once it starts it's on every week until the season is over. It is never pre-empted! I can't wait for January!!