Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Now that the weather has begun to cool off (especially in the mornings) it has made me ready for fall. So the following are things I love about the fall season.

1. The beautiful colors that come with the changing of seasons and seeing God's hand at work.
2. The cooler weather.
3. The weather is great for camping!
4. Football season (this may not last long the way the Cowboys are playing or maybe I should say the way Parcel's is coaching :)
5. Dallas Stars Hockey is just around the corner!!
6. Mavs Basketball is also just around the corner!!
7. Being able to be outdoors without sweating the moment you step outside.
8. The new television season begins... except for 24 & American Idol :( (bring on January!)
9. The State Fair is coming... which means corny dogs are coming :) yum, yum!
10. The weather is great for riding the motorcycle :)
11. School starts and it's like the beginning of a new year with new plans, just as much as it is in January.
12. Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting closer :) I love the holiday season!
13. Rockstar Supernova is Over!! I am so disappointed in their choice!! It should have been Dilana! ( I know some of you are probably laughing right now... oh well. I got addicted)

Something about Fall just reminds me of a time of renewing. I know that spring is probably more a time of renewing, but fall is the beginning of those changes. Casting off the old and preparing for new growth. I know that's what I need to do in my own life as well. Fall is a good time for me to sit back and re-evaluate where I am spiritually and begin casting off the old so I can prepare and will be ready for new growth. Sometimes casting off the old can be painful, but if I'm going to be ready for the new growth I have to let the potter mold and reshape me every year. So bring on the fall... I need some reshaping.

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jenny biz said...

I LOVE autumn too!! It is my fav time of year!!