Friday, September 22, 2006

Thirteen Things I Love About Being a Child of the King and My Relationship With Him

I am so blessed to be a child of the King and I have really been trying to focus more on my relationship with God lately. Not that it's not good already, but I am far from perfect and I am changing and growing every day. I know there is always more He wants to bless me with if I will just let Him (or let Him in). I'm trying to be more focused and not miss out on the treasures He has in store for me.

1. I love the fact that He is my heavenly father and is always with me! Especially since my earthly father has already gone to be with Him.
2. I love the relationship I have with Him that grows closer and closer with each passing day!
3. I love that He doesn't judge me no matter how much I judge myself. And that He covers over every mistake that I make with His grace and compassion!
4. I love that even when everything around me seems to be crazy and fleeting, He is the constant in my life!
5. I love the way His word is new every time I read it; that something you've read a thousand times can suddenly be revealed to you in a new way!
6. I love the way that He sends people into your life at just the time you need them to be Jesus with skin on!
7. I love the way He holds our family together in a way that we or no one else can and the closeness we share because of Him!
8. I love the way that when you are connected with friends through Christ, you have a special bond that cannot be broken. Even if you are a million miles away from each other!
9. I love the way I can talk to Him about anything and still feel safe!
10. I love that even through death, my family will never be separated because of our relationship with God!
11. I love that someday distance will not matter between family and friends who are connected through Christ. We will all be praising and worshipping Him together forever!
12. I love that He hears our prayers and answers them in ways we could not even imagine!
13. I love that I will spend eternity with the Father worshipping and glorifying Him and the joy that can only be found through relationship with Him!

I could continue to go on and on! There are so many things to say that I could never list them all! I am a truly blessed child of the King and I would not want to be anything else. I am so grateful that no matter what else happens in our lives, we will always be connected as sons and daughters of the King!


Beverly Ross said...

GREAT thoughts! Thanks for the sweet reminders! Our friendship is one those cemented by the Holy Spirit!

Liz Moore said...

I am so thankful for our friendship!

Melanie said...

When we were traveling through Texas this week we saw a woman on a motorcycle with a jacket that said " Mad Motorcycle Mama" and Richard and I both thought of you! We need to think of a name for you!

Liz Moore said...

That is too funny!! Just don't name me anything too rough, I don't plan on donning any big chains or anything :)